All I want for Christmas

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

Once I showed our website to a friend who had many years of marketing experience. As soon as he read the opening line, "we are a small, Liverpool-based company" the first thing he said was: "Don't say small, small is bad. You don't want people to know you’re small”. Similarly, a business mentor said we should change our email address from because 'that tells me you're small.”

We did change our email address to but our website still says we’re a small, Liverpool-based company. Because we are. Why hide it when there are so many good things about being small?


Small means we know exactly where our wines come from. We've been there, met the people that make them, seen how they're made. Small wine producers tend their vines with love and care, the grapes are picked by hand and turned into wine right there. The flavours are a direct result of this, not tampered with to suit a generic palate. Buying wine from us is the nearest thing to going to one of these Italian vineyards.

This is how we began, quite simply with a pallet of wine arriving at our house direct from Monte delle Vigne in Emilia Romagna. (In reality it wasn't simple at all, everything about the wine trade is set up for large companies and it's been a challenge becoming a 'micro-importer' but that's another story). We have gradually added to our range of wines and will continue to do so, but only with wines that meet our exacting, high standards. Small means attention to detail. Each wine in our range has been chosen with great care, and each has their own very distinct personality. I thought I'd share with you the reasons we chose them and what makes each one special.

Malvasia Classic

I'm very fond of Malvasia. It is my 'go to' wine on a Friday evening. It is soft, gentle and sparkling. I completely get why Prosecco is so popular, you feel like you're really treating yourself. But there are many more Italian sparkling wines to discover and Emilia Romagna is a region with a particularly strong tradition for them, Malvasia di Candia Aromatic is a grape that's been around for centuries. This wine is beautifully clean-tasting, fresh, fruity and not too strong which means you can have an early-evening treat without ruining the night.

Bottle £12 Case of 12 £144   BUY NOW

The first 10 people to use the voucher code XMAS12CASE can get a case of either Malvasia Classic or Lambrusco Classic or a mix of the two for £120. BUY NOW

Lambrusco Classic

Lambrusco was the whole reason we set up Love Lane Wines in the first place, our mission was to bring authentic Lambrusco to the UK and we started our company under the name Love Lambrusco. Not many people realise that the sweet and sickly 'Lambrusco' available in UK supermarkets bears no resemblance to the real thing which is instead a dry, crimson, fruity, slightly sparkling wine that is highly versatile and food-friendly. There's lots more I could say about Lambrusco but the best thing is just to try it for yourself and find out why our followers call it "Purple Loveliness".

Bottle £12 Case of 12 £144   BUY NOW

The first 10 people to use the voucher code XMAS12CASE can get a case of either Malvasia Classic or Lambrusco Classic or a mix of the two for £120. BUY NOW

Lambrusco Selezione


Made from 100% Lambrusco Maestri, the same grapes as Lambrusco Classic, this is simply a slightly smoother, more refined version. You might call it "Purple Elegance". To paraphrase Martha Stewart, the love-child of red wine and champagne. It comes in a beautiful bottle making it an excellent Christmas gift, especially when presented in one of our bespoke gift boxes.

Bottle £14 Case of 6 £84   BUY NOW

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Lambrusco I Calanchi

I Calanchi is also made from 100% Lambrusco Maestri grapes but aged slightly so has a deeper, more full-bodied taste. It's a beautiful wine made in very limited quantities making it even more special. "Seriously special purple loveliness", I rather enjoy this with Christmas dinner as it has a deep flavour but isn't too high on alcohol. (Christmas Day is a long day after all!)

Bottle £15  Case of 6 £90   BUY NOW


This is a still red wine that is a blend of Bonarda and Barbera grapes, very fruity and easy to drink, soft and silky but not heavy. In Italy it recently won the "Tre Bicchieri" award, a prestigious accolade proving it's got all the right credentials for impressing the experts. But you don't need to be an expert to enjoy this wine, Rosso is brilliant for any situation that calls for a nice bottle of red. Not too heavy and very quaffable!

Bottle £16 Case of 6 £96   BUY NOW


Nabucco is total luxury, a highly-acclaimed wine that has won numerous awards. I would describe it as the perfect bottle of very posh, Italian red wine and despite the high price tag, would never hesitate to recommend it. We supplied it to the Connaught Hotel for pairing with the eight-course lunch prepared by Massimo Bottura for the launch of his book "Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef". (If you don't know who he is, google it, you'll be impressed). Perfect for accompanying Christmas dinner, and an excellent gift for someone who likes serious wines.

Bottle £26 Case of 6 £156   BUY NOW


Made from Chardonnay grapes, the same ones used for champagne. I would describe this wine as the absolutely perfect bottle of bubbly, a drink for celebrations. Just to give you an idea of its class, it was served at the premier of the film "Blood of my Blood" at the Venice Film Festival last year. A lovely treat for Christmas and with its beautiful bottle a lovely gift. 

Bottle £16 Case of 6 £96   BUY NOW


Callas is another serious wine that has won numerous awards and also made an appearance at the Connaught with Massimo Bottura. Very elegant, fruity with a dry aftertaste it is made from Malvasia di Candia Aromatic. Callas is to white wine what Nabucco is to red.

Bottle £24 Case of 6 £144   BUY NOW