Love Lane Wines is all about conviviality and creativity and 17 Love Lane in Liverpool is our secret space where we hold our pop-up events and support local artists. You find out more and book tickets for upcoming events at

Our space is also available for private hire, read about our DIY Diner project below or contact us at for more information.

Introducing the DIY Diner

The DIY Diner is a new dining concept that isn't really new at all, after all people have been gathering around a table to share food and conversation forever. One of the things I most love about Italian life is how they use eating together as a way of bonding and creating a sense of community. They even have a particular word - la tavola - to describe the conviviality of being around the table as opposed to the actual piece of furniture, il tavolo. 

When it comes to organising a get-together with friends and family, sometimes a restaurant feels a little too formal (as well as pricey) while our homes usually don't have the space to accommodate twenty to thirty diners, not to mention the burden of all that clearing up afterwards, so that's why we decided to make 17 Love Lane available for just that kind of occasion,

How does it work?

With our DIY Diner you can organise your own dinner party, social gathering or even hold your own pop-up restaurant for the night and sell tickets through our website - we provide the bar and the venue, you organise the food. Simple!

The DIY Diner can accommodate up to 30 diners, all seated around a single long table. We provide all the place settings for you, including plates, knives and forks, glasses, napkins, carafes of water and candles. We offer a licensed bar selling our range of premium wines and locally brewed beer with other drinks available by prior arrangement. 

What does it cost?

There is a cover charge of £5 per person which goes towards our running costs, cleaning (don't worry, we'll do the washing up!). Guests buy their own drinks at the bar where they can purchase our wines for 30% less than standard restaurant prices.

How do I book?

Contact us at with the date and numbers. Please note the total cost of the cover charge usually needs to be paid in advance in order to hold the space for that date.